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Dr KAVOURAS Adamantios MD, MSc, FEBU

Date of Birth: 16/08/1979
Speciality: Urologist
Position: Consultant
Curriculum Vitæ:



  • 11/2012 – today: Private Practice as a specialist in Surgical Urology/ Andrology. Chios; Greece EU
  • 9/2008 – 10/2012: Resident in Urology, University General Hospital of Patras. Greece EU
  • 2/2008 - 8/2008: Rural Medical Service in Kalimasia, Ile of Chios, Greece, E.U.
  • 8/2006 - 8/2007: Resident in General Surgery, General Hospital of Amaliada, Greece, E.U.
  • 2/2005 - 2/2006: Medical Private in the Soldier Retrieving Station of the 96th Medical Battalion of the Greek Army Forces as part of the Military Service. Chios; Greece EU
  • 6/2001 - 7/2001. Participation in a research study for detection of gene mutations for neurologic diseases. Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre. Madrid, Spain, E.U.


  • 2/2010 – 10/2011. Participation as sub-investigator in a randomized study of parallel groups for the « comparison of Degarelix and Goserelin  combined with NSAIDs (Bicalutamide)  for the reduction of the prostatic size in patients with prostatic cancer in need of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy before irradiation with intention to cure ». Ferring Pharmaceuticals.
  • 10/2009 – 6/2011. Participation as sub-investigator in a clinical study: “ Phase 3, Randomized, parallel, double-blinded, polycentric study over the efficacy and safety of a 12 week, daily Tadalafil treatment in patients with signs and symptoms of benign Prostatic Hyperplasia”  Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals.
  • 8/2009 – 9/2011. Participation as sub-investigator the clinical study : « efficacy of Zometa treatment in preventing osseus metastases in high risk patients with prostatic cancer. A randomized open polycentric study of the European Association of Urologists (EAU) in collaboration with the Skandinavic Team of Prostatic Cancer (SPCG) and Arbeitsgemeinschaft Urologische Onkologie (AUO)”. Ferring Pharmaceuticals.


  • Unique fibrotic tumor of the Kidney with retroperitoneal recurrence. Case report. Sfougaristos S. Papatheodorou M. Kavouras A. Perimenis P.  Prague Med Rep. 2012; 113(3):246-50.
  • Pseudo-aneurysm of Renal Artery after partial nephrectomy. Kavouras A. SfouggaristisS. PerimenisP. Hippokratia. 2011 July; 15(3):284-5.
  • The role of WBC and neutrophile count as predictors of kidney stone elimination in patients suffering renal colic pain. Sfouggaristos S. Kavouras A. Perimenis P. British Journal of Urology Int. 2012 Feb 28.
  • A Comparative study between primary and secondary Gleason Pattern, in their capacity to predict positive surgical limits after radical prostatectomy. Sfouggaristos S. KavourasA. Kanatas P. Polymeros N. Perimenis P.  Prague Med Rep. 2011; 112(3):168-76.
  • Stenting or not, before extracorporeal lithotripsy in patients with ureteral lithiasis? The results of a randomized prospective cohort. Sfouggaristos S. Kavouras A. Polymeros N. Perimenis P. Int Urol Nephrol. 2011 Sep 30.
  • Kidney Swannoma: Heterogenous Tumour in MR Imaging. A case report. Sfouggaristos S. Kavouras A. Geronatsiou K. Perimenis P. Prague Med Rep. 2011;112(2):137-43.
  • Predictor Factors of Automatic Stone elimination in patients suffering form colic pains due to Ureteral Lithiasis. Sfouggaristos S. Kavouras A. Perimenis P. Int Urol Nephrol. 2012 Feb;44(1):71-9.
  • Hysteroscopy of an Atypical Prostatic Adenocarcinoma in an 82 year old patient. A case report. Sfouggaristos S. Katafigiotis I. TiritzisI. Kavouras A. Petas A.  J Med Case Reports. 2011 Jan 11;5(1):4.
  • Surgical approaches in male, stress, urinary incontinence a review of the bibliography. Kavouras A. Athanasopoulos A. Info Urology 2010. Issue 57.
  • Leiomyoma of the urinary bladder. Case report. Giannopoulos S. Mpisias E. Kavouras A. Hellenic Urology 2008, 20; 56-59.
  • Chilaiditis Syndrome and acute abdomen. Case Report. Milonalis I. Chatzidakis E. Georgopoulos I. KavourasA. Hellenic Surgery. 2008, 80; 6: 271.
  • Hemangioma of the penile Urethra. Tretment with simple transurethral resection. Efthymiou I. Kavouras A. Vasilakis P. Katsanis S. Cases Journal. 2009, 14;2: 199.


  • Efficacy of the use of autologous band from the rectus abdominis sheath, for the treatment of female, stress, urinary incontinence. Katsenis N. Kavouras A. McGuire E. Athanasopoulos A.  21st  National Greek Congress of Urology in Athens 11-14/10/2012. Published Poster.
  • The Value of  Ureteral catheter placement before extracorporeal Sound Wave Lithotripsy in cases of Ureteral lithiasis. Results of a randomized Study. Sfouggaristos S. Kavouras A. Polymeros N.Perimenis P. 21st National Greek Congress of Urology, Athens 11-14/10/2012. Published Poster.
  • Synchronous Sertolli AND Leydig cell, testicular cancer. A Case Report. Rigopoulos Ch. Kavouras A. Perimenis P. 20th National Greek Congress of Urology, Nicosia, Cyprus 23-27/10/2010. Published Poster.
  • Efficacy of autologous bulbourethral slingshot graft for the treatment of male stress urinary incontinence. KOnstantinopoulos A. Kavouras A. Mc Guire E. 20th National Greek Congress of Urology, Nicosia, Cyprus, 23-27/10/2010. Published Poster.
  • Participation in the 27th European Urology Congress, Paris, France 24-28/02/2012.
  • Participation in the 26th European Urology Congress, Vienna, Austria, 18-22/03/2011.


  • ENGLISH:  Excellent level (Cambridge Proficiency Exam Certificate).
  • GERMAN: Basic level (Zertifikat Deutsch, Goethe Institut).
  • NORWEGEAN: Basic level (Τrinn 2, Universitetet I Oslo)
  • COMPUTERS:  Followed the training program « Basic informatics in the society of information » organised by the Greek Ministry of Education ( General Secretary of adult education)


Prof. Petros Perimenis (Head of the department of Urology, General University Hospital of Patras).

Ass. Prof. Anastasios Athanasopoulos (, General University Hospital of Patras)


Adress : 3 St Jacob Street, 82100 Chios, Ile of Chios, Greece, EU

Tel/Fax: +302271081667, Mob: +306946444409

Email: & http: